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note: all software listed is for windows os


This page is very popular. If you have experience of any really useful software you can no longer do without please share it with other readers. You can do this by letting me know what you use and where to get it. I'll try out your recommended programme and post the links on this page. It's long been my experience that many of the 'Big Brand' software houses just don't cut the mustard. Small companies and many talented individuals who have developed specific and targetted software normally offer a higher quality resource.


Have a look here for software I've used, found interesting and/or useful and can recommend. Be aware I'm no power user but I know when something works for me. All source files have been scanned for virus but please use your own virus checkers before installing them on your PC/laptop.

Download if you are interested. Click on the link(s) below next to the package you wish to try.

All files are zipped. FreeZip comes in both zip and exe format. Users of Win 95/98 are advised to downlooad FreeZip.exe and install it on your PC first so the utility is ready to unzip other zipped files.

Every precaution has been taken to ensure the files are free from virus but I cannot be held responsible for other than a good outcome. Nor will I be held responsible for any loss, damage, breakage, data corruption etc, resulting from the installation or subsequent use of any software from this site.

I'd like to hear about your experiences (good or bad) with any of the software you've downloaded from this page. Also, if you've found any really useful software you wish to share drop me an email here.

IRFANVIEW: The latest version of Irfanview image viewer is available here

IRFANVIEW PLUGIN: If you wish to open the latest Olympus RAW files (.ORF) from the E-3 you will need to download and install the Irfanview Plugins which are available here

AUTOSTITCH - Is a simple & elegant pano tool that is very capable; try it here

EXPOSUREPLOT: - Ever wondered how many images you take at wide-angle or supertelephoto, or at a certain aperture or shutter speed? This nifty software will analyse your image folders and tell you - brilliant. Full version with no cripples or time expiry is here.

HUGIN: - I tried this software a few years ago but it was early in its development. This version delivers an advanced pano tool also offering HDR plus many other adjustments. Appears to use the same basic software engine as AUTOSTITCH, just more sophisticated and powerful; this programme is FREE here. Thanks to André Geszti Monteiro for bringing the latest version to our attention.

EXIF VIEWER - A new EXIF viewer and a great piece of software. It has some neat features such as picture comparison capability, editing EXIF info and date recording; image statitics within folders and a unique export to EXCEL feature. Olympus machines fully supported. As some EXIF viewers age new ones replace them; this is one. The only thing I don't like is the programmes default desktop icon.

EXIF VIEWER is Freeware; Download it here

EDIT-PAD LITE - This neat text editor is great - It helped me create this site here

PICASA - A small and neat photo sorting programme here

TOTAL COMMANDER - The best GUI Swiss Army Knife available here

TC is one of those softwares you wonder how you did without. I find this especially useful as an FTP programme.

FREERAM XP PRO - For Win 98 SE Recommended here

FreeRam on my XP desktop machine caused a shut down problem for the OS but only first time used. Useful when you are mulitasking and have several RAM hungry programmes open simultaneously.

E-1 DESKTOP ICON - Designed and produced by me! (Just for fun) here

Open the zip file and drag the icon file to your desk top. It will change to the true E-1 Icon. Place it in your Icon Library.

EXIF - An excellent Exif Info Display & image browser by Michal Kowalski. Highly recommended here

Trying to find a photo that's somewhere on your hard drive? It can be a nightmare. Michal's software is exceptionally quick allowing you to access and browse even huge folders/directories in seconds.

FREEZIP - An excellent little zip file generator and unpacker. Zip file format here

FREEZIP - An excellent little zip file generator and unpacker. Executable file format here

IMAGE RESCUE - Accidentally deleted images from your card? Try this from CONVAR here

Don't be fooled by the reference to Smart Media, this software interrogates all imaging cards. I've successfully retrieved images from slow C/F cards after 3 delete sequences. It's a tad slow but will rescue most formats including TIFF, JPG & Olympus Raw Files (ORF).

DISK DEFRAGMENTER: - I'm a great fan of disk defragmenters but being a Yorkshireman, refuse to pay for one. After years of searching for an effective, small and fast defragger I think I've found one from AusLogics. And it's free. I've been using it for several months now and if used regularly will speed up file access across your PC. You can get this neat defrag file & installer here

DIGITAL IMAGE RECOVERY - This programme has come to me as highly recommended. As yet I've not tested its capabilities though I'm assured it is first class. It's a FREEWARE programnme and you will notice in the installation process the owner wants feed-back. Please try it out and either let me know your opinions or pass them to the code owner.

You can get the file here


Here's MOZILLA with some alternatives. Note: I have no affiliations with Mozilla at all. I am not registered in their 'Get Involved' scheme but the links below are taken from the affiliates site. I put these software links here as I genuinely believe their products are better than IE & Outlook. If you are constantly pestered with pop-ups and other annoying web detritus get a new browser - get FireFox. If your mail box is stuffed with spam & junk get ThunderBird.

(Opera is good but it causes strange behaviour on my PC; until I know why I won't recommend it).

Get Firefox!

Get Thunderbird!



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