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Ian McFadden, AP journalist and photographer writes about The Olympus Viewfinder Pen Book:-

I found this book a jolly interesting read, mainly because I actually own some of these Pen half-frame gems. In fact, I found out through its pages that one of my models is quite rare and valuable! This is a highly specialist work - for most readers we would definitely be in train - spotting territory with this tome's attention to detail. The author details camera and production numbers for every model change and there is a useful guide to what you would expect to pay for the various camera types today, together with other snippets of information. Did you know that the rare 'Pen Wide' (of which 21,327 were made) was adapted by the Ministry of Defence for use in submarine periscopes? The Half-Frame Group, based in the UK, has about 100 members so there is a fertile selling opportunity there. I suspect that others who have a love of older cameras will also be interested.

Classic Camera; An International publication

Derek White, established photographer and photo-technical book reviewer writes:-

Olympus Viewfinder Pen Cameras' is a definitive guide for collectors written by John Foster, who has spent over two years in research and verification of technical details before producing this very detailed volume. Although the publication is not sponsored in any way by Olympus Optical Co Ltd., the designer of the Pen half frame cameras, Mr. Yoshihisa Maitani, has provided unique information on the development of the Olympus half frame system. The hard back book is in A4 size of 162 pages printed on semi-gloss paper with very clear illustrations in monochrome. The contents are set out into eight sections which cover in order: Research details and statistics, background information about Olympus, the development of the viewfinder Pens, the 29 models in detail, the accessories in detail, charts and bibliography, relevant commercial literature and finally, copies of advertisements which relate to the Pen models. For any serious collector of Olympus equipment this book is a must. The author will be making a start on a companion volume covering the Pen F half frame SLR system this autumn.



Posted 2004/12/12 Copyright © 2004 John Foster