November and December 2005

The site has been given a modest face lift with slightly enlarged fonts, a set of simplified navigation links as well as new sections devoted to digital equipment and a small reorganisation of some sections. I hope you approve.

Please let me know if you have any difficulties or spot any broken links.

September and October 2005

On 17th October 2005 this site changed host to the British arm of NetPivotal, (a US based Internet Company) based in Canary Wharf, London. The transition was far from seamless. It took more than the 'standard' 72 hours for the new sites URL to propogate worldwide. This was beyond my control and I apologise to anyone who had any difficulty accessing this site 17th ~ 20th October.

September 2005: Partial site over-haul; some new links, need for facelift recognised.

September 2005: A complete E-System section added here

September 2005: More software files added to the download section here

September 2005: A small Sales section added to Cornucopia here

September 2005: The Elusive Pen S 3.5; an article from Quest Issue 3 here

July and August 2005

August 2005:

August 2005: A PDF document download section (E-System for now) here

August 2005: 'Useful Software' - as a trial (stuff I've found handy or difficult to find) here

August 2005: General Site maintenance.

July 2005:

Additions to the Cornucopia here

Comparison between current ZD Telephoto Lenses here

July 2005: Taking a look at the ZD 'standard' zoom here

July 2005: OM Zuikos on the E-1 Body here

May and June 2005

June 2005:

New! Members Area here

New! Photo Section for TOC Members here

Small Quest article about Pen W posted here

Quest article about 1958 Olympus Ace camera posted here.

May 2005:

Small improvements. General maintenance. Site search engine repaired - now working.

New site visitor stats. I have mixed views on whether such numbers mean anything! But I show them later on this page for now.

Links page attached to Collecting Olympus section here.

March and April 2005

April 2005:

General maintenance.

Cornucopia quarter declared open here

Review of ZD 40~150 zoom complete here

M1 to E1 - Quest article posted here

Fungus - Quest article posted here

March 2005:

New page head and enhanced colour scheme - green & cream - eye friendly!

Lineage section on Viewfinder Pen Cameras complete here

Lineage section on Pen SLR System Cameras complete here

January and February 2005

February 2005:

TOC members can pay their subs on-line with PayPal here

Lineage section on Olympus Folding Cameras complete here

Some additional information for trading purposes here

Purchase my books on-line with PayPal here

Olympus movers & shakers posted (awaiting further information) here

More details about TOC & Quest here

December 2004

December 2004 ~ January 2005:

New site construction and transfer of some information from old site.


I bet you're not too keen on web sites overrun with advertising, pop-ups, slogans and sponsorship. Niether am I. It is the down-side of the Internet. This site is completely free of all such intrusions and will remain so. It has no affiliations and receives no sponsorship of any kind from any company or institution including Olympus Imaging; Japan or The Olympus Circle. It is entirely owned and maintained by me (with more than a little help from my friends) and is completely independent.

As for associations these are generally limited to sites directly linked from biofos and fall into the general Internet standard for reciprocating links. The association with Andrzej Wrotniak's site is more than this as Andrzej and I are now great friends. It seems that our shared interests of photography, collecting and maintaining older cameras and the use of Olympus products is also shared by our visitors as there is a lot of cross traffic. Andrzej writes for the Olympus magazine Quest, and as returning the compliment, in a small way, I write for Andrzej's web site.

The ambition of this site is to become the web based resource for all things Olympus, old and new. A simple mission statement I know. I also know just how difficult it will be to achieve.


You will appreciate all this takes time and effort, especially researching, documenting and photographing the various lineages in the collecting sections, so please be patient. You are welcome to join this research by contacting me with any information you have that you'd like to share with others, contact me here.


If you've arrived here from Andrzej's site,, or would like to take a look, you can go/return from here

To visit my recommended links to sites of interest for Olympus enthusiasts press here


E-System information/data/manual/advertising files for download can be accessed via this page here

My 'Useful Software' page with a selection of some rather neat offerings is here

The world's first 'true' digital SLR, the olympus E-1 introduced 2003.



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